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Privacy Policy

Here comes the privacy policy of CaseTutors.com. The principal and significant part of the primary policy will not be changed; therefore, we recommend everyone read the entire policy carefully to avoid any confusion.

Whether you are an existing user or have signed-up recently, please make sure to go through all the points. You will be notified of any changes that take place through your given email address.

We ensure that all the assignments, and other academic material is provided free of duplication. You are only supposed to utilize the information for learning and academic purpose. You are in no way permissible to republish the work online or offline by claiming it as yours. All the documents, resources, data, and other information will be solely the property of CaseTutors.com.

How We Treat Your Personal Information?

We at CaseTutors.com always take necessary measures for ensuring the protection of user's personal information. Your information is safe in our database, and unauthorized persons cannot access the information in any case. We share your information neither with third-party sources nor with any member of the CaseTutors.com. Your information entirely remains confidential in our hands. Your information regarding the assignments, research paper, and other academics is not disclosed to anyone except for the research specialist and writer.

- Privacy of Your Personal Information

Your email address, phone number, and other information is only used for the verification purpose. After which it is removed from our database. Only you will be able to see the information on your profile.

-  Information used For Legal Operations

All of your provided information is used to review your activity in the past; if you visited our website and didn't place an order, we will look at your website's browsing behavior to give more personalized services. If, in case we came to know that, you are not permissible from your institution's end to take help from online academic services, we will not accept your order in any condition.

-  Account Deletion Policy

If you want us to permanently delete your account, we will remove all of your information from our server and the database. However, we will notify you about the benefits and privileges you were getting from our end. Moreover, we will keep safe your IP address with us so that we may know that someone in the future contacts us from your system, and we can recognize you. Once your account is deleted, you will not be able to get any bonuses and discounts, and you will have to create a fresh account.

-  Enter Accurate Personal Information

You must enter accurate information during the sign-up phase. It will help us to make sure that the right writer has been assigned to you according to your needs. Entering the wrong information will create a problem for you, and we will misunderstand your needs. If you do not provide us the accurate information about the subject and the details, we will not be able to comprehend your requirements, which will lead us to assign the wrong writer.

-  Notifying the Clients

We use your personal information for notifying you about the updates and progress taking place. We will email you once the final deliverable after it's completed. We will also notify you about the bonuses and discounts.

Personal Information

While placing the order, we will ask you to provide with some of the information, which we think is necessary for further proceeding with the order. Below we will let you know how we treat that information.

  • If you think you want to use any other name apart from your real name, you are permissible to do so.
  • You will have to provide us with your email address phone number, it will help us in the verification process, and we will notify you about the progress of your request.
  • After the paper is completed, you will receive an email from our end with the downloadable link. However, you can also download the final deliverable file from our web portal.
  • The information will also be used to get in touch with you if the writer thinks to be provided with more information from your end. It will happen in case you do not respond to the website comment section of your project. Moreover, you will be notified whenever the writer posts a comment on the website.
  • All of your data is protected in our database. You should not share any of your information with any member of CaseTutors. If you share your personal information with the writer or anyone else, we are in no way responsible for any immoral outcome.

All your personal information is protected under user information protection laws, and we do not share it with anyone. The final deliverable is in no way used again; it is because our writers work on every essay, dissertation, research papers, and other information from scratch.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

All the members at CaseTutors have signed an agreement that they will not use the information of clients for their benefits and will not even share the information with any third-party. We are continuously working on enhancing the security layers to make sure that the user's information is protected.

Payment and Billing Information

The information you provide for processing the payment is completely encrypted, and we have no access to any data or information at all. We use the details to contact your bank or provider to process the payment and release the funds.

In case you are making the payment from your friend's computer or an internet café, we recommend you not to let the browser save the information. You should also remove the cache and history from the browser to stay on the safe side.

How Your Billing Information Is Handled?

  • We in no way save your billing information with us, and all the information is processed at the moment of placing the order.
  • We don't deduct any extra charges, and only the displayed amount is deducted. If you think extra charges are deducted, it may be due to your country's tax policy. It highly depends on your physical location. There might be a small variation due to your location.
  • You can view all the successfully processed payments and you can access all of them on our website.
  • You can view all the successfully processed payments and you can access all of them on our website Darshboard-->Payment History.

The payment receipt can be viewed on your profile on our website. The receipt will also be emailed to you. If you still have any questions and queries, you can contact us at any hour of the day.

Refund Policy

We at CaseTutors are providing academic writing services to students and professionals around the globe. We are well-versed about all the details and requirements of academic institutions. We have a regular flow of students asking us to complete their thesis, assignments, research papers, proposals, etc. All the material provided to the student should only be used for research and learning purposes. You don't have any right to use the paper for submission to your institution.

After we receive the order from the student's end, we read all the instructions and look for the most suitable writer to meet the needs. We never compromise on the deadline, and our deliverable has never been delayed. It's a short overview of our working methodology; if you still feel that you have some queries, you can visit our FAQs page or contact our customer support team.

In this web page, we will elaborate on how the refund policy works. If you want to know about the privacy policy, terms and conditions, you can visit the respective pages. You will be able to get all the answers to your questions.

How CaseTutors's Refund Policy Works?

Please read all the essential points of refund policy carefully to get a detailed idea about how it works and what are criteria for the eligibility and in what ways you aren't able to get entertained.

  1. In case of some technical error (which occurs rarely) and we cannot deliver the assignment on time, you can ask for a complete refund. However, we always try our best to deliver the work even before the deadline. Moreover, we may also ask the student to increase the deadline, and if they are willing to do so, we will deliver the work on a new set deadline. Otherwise, you are eligible for a complete refund.
  2. If you found any error in downloading the final deliverable from our web portal, we provide a full reimbursement to the client. However, that usually does not happen. We also send the final deliverable to the client on their email address.
  3. If you receive the final deliverable before the deadline ends, we will not process any refund request.
  4. In our Loyalty program, you are not eligible to withdraw the money from your account, and it can only be used in further projects.
  5. There are scenarios where the student places an order twice. If you want a payback, you should immediately contact our support team; otherwise, we will not process any reimbursement.

Partial Refund Policy

  1. There are scenarios where we process a partial refund request. To know more about this segment, please read further to grab an idea.
  2. We have an extensive range of services, and among all of those, one is about question solution. If you think the writer has not solved the question as per the requirement or mistakes and errors, you are eligible for a partial refund.
  3. If you think the writer lacks the potential to work on your project or aren't fulfilling the requirements, our team will look into the matter, and once it's finalized, we will process partial payment.
  4. If during the project and half of the deadline isn't passed, our team will decide about the eligible percentage.
  5. We provide revisions to the clients, and in any case, we cannot do so, you are eligible to get 50% cashback.

You are eligible for a partial refund if our services are not satisfactory to you. These are the few points about the partial refund policy, and all the refund requests will work as per the points mentioned above.

After Receiving Partial and Full Refund

After availing of the partial or full refund, you cannot utilize any material we provide you. We will publish that work on the internet, and you will not be able to use it for your needs. We hold the rights to the content we produce and are sole proprietors and will announce its ownership over the web. You will no longer have the right for submission to any institution. You are in no way authorized to use it for commercial purposes.

Refund Policy Criteria for Custom Paper Writing Service

We have a policy of producing high-quality content instead of content in quantity. Therefore, we always submit the content without any grammatical errors. The quality assurance team thoroughly inspects all of our content. You are eligible for refunds on the following terms:

  1. If you think the document has irrelevant or misleading information
  2. If there is plagiarism in the document
  3. If instructions and requirements are not followed, and the errors can't be fixed

Important Points to Be Noted

- We need you to provide us all the information, instructions, and requirements for processing the order. Otherwise, there are chances that the order will be delayed.

-  The final deliverable will remain the property of CaseTutors, and you can only use it for research and learning purposes.

-  You can ask for a refund if you found any plagiarism in the content that we provide within three days of getting the final file.

-  You are not eligible for a refund if the final deliverable is free from errors and plagiarism.

The refund policy applies to all existing and new clients. We have the right to update and change the policy at any time. Therefore, you should always check back frequently to know about the updated policy.

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